Storm Windows

Storm Windows: A Comprehensive Guide to Wood, Wood Combination, Aluminum, and Interior Storm Windows. If you live in an old house, work on old houses, or consult with homeowners who cherish early windows, you understand how important a storm

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Cover, Storm Windows
window is for comfort and energy efficiency. Storm Windows: A Comprehensive Guide is an excellent resource for homeowners, architects, contractors, preservationists, and anyone interested in saving old windows while living comfortably in a vintage home. It lays out the aesthetic, energy conservation, and utilitarian options ranging from traditional wood storm sashes to aluminum triple tracks and interior storm panels. Read more . . .

The Window Sash Bible

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The Window Sash Bible is about the repair, maintenance, restoration and improvement of old or historic windows made from about 1800 to 1940. With so much misinformation provided by replacement window contractors and vendors, this book aids homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, carpenters, architects, designers, preservation commission members, and anyone in the old-house business make sound decisions about windows. Since most homeowners are unaware of their alternatives, The Window Sash Bible provides an array of options to save money, energy, and historic windows for decades to come. Read more . . .

Window Glazing

Window Glazing: Puttying and Replacing Glass in Traditional Wood Windows is a comprehensive guide that explains the tools, materials, and techniques for glazing traditional wood windows and replacing broken glass.

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It also provides information about the technology and history of window glass, from the beautiful distortions of early crown and cylinder glass to the perfect float glass we purchase today. Window Glazing provides step by step instructions with clear color photographs that walk the reader through the process. This book is appropriate for the homeowner DIYer, window repair workshops, apprentice restorers, painters, carpenters, and anyone interested in learning this age-old skill. It is the most complete book on this topic available today. Read more . . .