Susan B. Anthony House
Susan B. Anthony House, Rochester, NY
Many windows are best restored rather than replaced.

Window Repair and Restoration in Rochester and Upstate New York

My name is Steve Jordan and I repair and restore old windows in and around Rochester, New York. I don't know about your community, but everywhere I look, I see great old windows - windows that have lasted 100 years - on the curb or in back of the replacement window truck awaiting their fate at the landfill. It breaks my heart because all they usually need is maintenance. Throwing them away wastes precious resources to make inferior replacements. I invite you to read and learn more about your historic wood windows.

Wood Window Repair and Restoration Makes Sense

Your windows may be 100 years or older and in need of attention; with the right repairs, they could last another century. Did you know it is usually less expensive to repair an original window than to install a quality replacement window? Did you know windows and storm windows in good condition can be retrofitted with durable weather strips to provide energy savings similar to that of a new window? With so much misinformation and hype offered from replacement window businesses, it's often difficult to know facts from fiction.

I have a long-standing commitment to quality and more than forty years experience in old-house restoration and window repair. Give me a call or send an e-mail today to see what I can do for you. Don't risk ruining the historic appearance and character of your home with cheap vinyl windows. Restore the originals with the expert services of Pain in the Glass Window Repair and Restoration.

storm windows

Storm Windows

This new book addresses
the restoration and sometimes replacement of
storm windows on historic houses.
the window sash bible

The Window Sash Bible

A comprehensive guide
to the repair and restoration of old and
historic wood windows.

Books on Window Repair and Restoration

Several decades of experience working on historic structures have led me to share what I've learned about the repair and restoration of windows on these magnificent buildings. If you have an interest in old buildings or houses, you will eventually face the problem of its aging windows. These books were written for you!


Here are two videos you might like to watch.

The first is from Indow's Window Hero Webinars, Understanding, Maintaining, and Refurbishing Your Historic Windows.

And, this Excellence Award Spotlight from the Preservation League of New York State.

Finally, for DIYers, there is this guide to Glazing Window Sash With Steve—a quick tutorial on glazing a wood sash with a putty knife.